So it’s been a while since my last blog! The usual over worked and unpaid blah blah blah!

I have a question for you all. Is it possible to love too much?

This has so many answers, I think it would be impossible to answer in one blog alone. I didn’t think it was but the old saying sticks in my head, ‘Love is blind’.

To me the definition of love between me and His Lordship is basically that I don’t think I could live without him. That being without him would be like loosing an arm or a leg, my heart, I believe would simply break. This leads me on to the belief that you can die of a broken heart. All I have ever wanted is a love like that of parents. Once my dad went away for a week for his work leaving mum behind on her own. Whilst she never really showed anything outwardly I knew she missed him something chronic. The day my Dad returned I was at home and he was waited for my mum to come home from work. He couldn’t wait for her to come in the door and went to meet her at the bus stop and they were like teenagers and the tears where flowing. This to me is love, where you become so entwined with someone you simply can’t live without them. We have heard of a devoted couple where ones dies and a few days/weeks later the other passes on for no discern-able reason.

Love is blind when is comes to love that is destructive and cruel. The fear of being alone is another I have witnessed and I have to say I have seen people be dam miserable but they fear being alone so much they are willing to stay in a destructive relationship. Is this love? Is it love when you go back to someone that has beat the other?

Is it possible to love more than one person at a time? I know we all love lots of people but what I mean is it possible to love two people in a relationship kind of way. Is one love and the other lust? I personally believe that is what it is, I believe you can only love one person at a time. Maybe that’s just my perception of it.

To me love is the most wonderful thing in the world but it is also the most destructive.

Makes you think?





So I was having a few drinks with some people I haven’t really met before. On a side note we were at the Jekyll and Hyde bar in Birmingham having a few Gin cocktails, I can recommend the Blueberry Thrill.

So anyway we were having the general banter conversations that you normally do in that social situation and sandwiches came up and then on the broader subject of fussy eating. Let’s get sandwiches out of the way first. I am what you could call a fussy eater, I don’t really like spicy food and the most salad items like peppers etc. The basics are always good, mayo basic salad etc. so whats happened to a plain ham or cheese sandwich? You can get ham with salad or cheese with pickle but what’s wrong with plain? I found a ham sandwich the other day but it had a smoked mustard mayo? Why? M&S used to do a lovely plain cheese sandwich but now it’s gone. What about all the people who don’t like mayo, salad, avocado and all the crap that gets put on sandwiches? So that’s left is Subway where all they have in the rancid American yellow stuff they call cheese (no offence to any American readers, you guys should really try a strong mature UK cheddar).

Now fussy eaters. Now I’m not on about eating disorders or anything like that just people who have different habits. I myself have an odd eating habit, well I say habit it’s more of an oddness. I like my food on my plate but I don’t like it all mixed up, like my veg over mixed with the potatoes and potatoes mixed up over with my meat. I would love a portioned plate so I can keep everything separate, meat in one place, veg in the other etc, does this make me weird. His Lordship (Hubby) has a weird one, his father is the same, he has to eat his veg first followed by potatoes and then his meat. He can’t have a fork full of veg then a bit of meat then potato and back to the meat, oh no, the world would come to an end! I have tried to get him to mix it up but to no avail.

A good friend of mine at work has a few food dislikes and it made me laugh one day. We had actually found a place where she would eat off the menu ordered. The plain burger was her choice with no additions what so ever and it came with chunky chips. The order was taken and then she had a flush or worry. Would the chips be too potatoey? We just looked at each other, chips be potatoey? Anyway she ate them and enjoyed them and we thought this is a place we can come to again. The restaurant changed hands not long after and changed the menu, so now we are left with the carvery.

Do you have any little oddities with your eating habitis or are you frustrated with the lack of plain sandwiches? I’d love to read your comments!


Awake to early


So it’s my day off and I’m wide awake at 5am in the morning. I know this is an annoying problem for many people. For the last 4 days when I have had to be awake at 5am I could have slept all day so why am I wide awake on my day off. Was I evil in a previous life so have I have to be punished now. Lol. I know the psychology behind it but it’s bloody annoying none the less. Considering my last working day of the week was a hard one I would have thought I deserved a lie in. I don’t want to go in to why my last day at work was such a hard day but I will say that I feel sad that some people in this world have to go out of their way to be nasty and evil. One of the worse aspects of my job is that on occasion it really makes me feel sad for humanity that very small aspects of it really make life miserable.

On a lighter note I am now off work for 5 days woo Hoo! Sadly it is not timed too well as its the last week before payday, so I don’t really much in the way of cash 😦 still I’m not at work. I might my my bicycle out and get my fat on it for a few rides out and try and shift some of this weight.

Ate far too much this week, started so well this diet but I can’t seem to stop trifling whenever I get the chance. Glad I don’t have naughty food in the house. Just have to stop buying when I’m at work. Or when I need change for the bus, buy a pack of chewing gum and not a family size bag of peanut M&M’s, but they taste soooo good! Lol!

Kind of looking forward to having some time off to catch up on all the stuff on the Sky box I have recorded. Also gonna be doing some baking for one of my friends at work, will post the results.

Anyways hope you a all good, enjoy your weekends!


The Brief

Hello all!

So today at work we have a safety brief. Working with the public we have to have regular briefs to make sure we are all up to speed with various laws and best practices relevant to our industry. Most of the time they are boring and go over and over things I have heard for the last 10 years. You know the type of stuff, manual handling (how to pick up a box etc), fire safety, general office reminders and all the stuff we have done wrong.

Today was different because we were safety for the up coming Olympics but the items we covered were important but thought prevoking. We in the UK have had our trouble with terrorists, I have always grown up with the fear of bombs from the IRA. I live in Birmingham, in which a pub was bombed when I was little. I have been in city centre evacuations because of terrorists threats. I was at work on the day of the July 7th bombing and when I was called into the office to be told we were ourselves on the highest of alerts it sent a shiver down my spine. Reviewing what we can do in not only in a bomb threat but a chemical attack, gun men attack or general terrorist attack in such detail made me think. When did all this become so normal to us? We weren’t shocked at the things we were being told it has just be the norm in our modern society. Why? When did it happen? Are we to blame? Some would say yes to the last question. I think it sad but. Suppose world peace is so far away, maybe one day.

I must really come up with something funny to amuse you all! Hope you are all well!



Good Morning!

Hope your all well. It’s a very bright Sunday morning, which is nice, we haven’t seen the sun in the UK for a few weeks just the rain. Hope to be going out for a walk later on to soak u up rays and charge up the vitamin D or is it vitamin B you get from sunlight? One or the other anyway. Lol

It has been a long week this week, considering I only work 4 days a week that’s slightly barmy. Maybe I should mention what I do for a living. Have worked for the same employer for just over 10 years. I won’t say who it is just in case I say the wrong thing on here and get myself into trouble. The company I work for is very protective of its reputation. To be honest I love working for them although do not like my current role but now am part of a trial for a new role that is going very well indeed. It’s all customer services based but I get to see and talk to our customers which I think makes a difference. Things are all set to change over the next few months, come August we will know the future of the companies ownership of us all and the place I work will be having a huge upgrade and that will change everything. I’m not good with change!

I did have a bit of a moment during the week and it made me think. People say that when you are down or in trouble you should ask for help. I agree with this totally but it made me think, what if you don’t like to ask, don’t know how to ask or don’t want to ask for help. With me it’s easy, my heart is on my sleaze and my friends usually can tell and vice versa. My Husband can be relied on to know with a subtle comment or two if he hasn’t already guessed. But what if you can’t see, how do you tell someone is in trouble? I recently did a course on suicides on the railway and it was a huge eye opener for me. Some people you can tell by the way they talk or act, some people you just can’t tell. What makes these people feel they can’t ask for help or display some kind of none verbal cry for help? I hope people will always be there for me and I hope I am always here for others.

Enough deep thought and gloom. His Lordship worked his way through a couple of bottles of wine last night so no doubt they’ll be slight hangover feelings today which of course will not be alcohol related at all and will be the result of the food that was eaten last night. Lol! A walk in the sun am sure will make him feel much better either that or he’ll crave carbs so the evil white loaf will make an appearance today! Lol

Hope you all have a good day!


Hello world!

Hi Blog world!

So this is my first blog. I’m not sure what you can except from my blog but a load of spelling mistakes and bad punctuality and maybe a few auto correct mistakes thanks to my lovely iPad!

Hopefully I’ll be funny and entertaining and on occasion serious and maybe even emotional. So tears, laughter, contradiction and plenty of chat and gossip about my dull and uneventful life!

Maybe a little about me, I’m gay and married to my lovely Hubby who will be known on this blog as His Lordship! I am in my mid thirties, good family, the bestest of friends and have a good job I am getting bored with but good nonetheless. Have always worked and paid my taxes although cry every time I get my P60 to see how much is taken off me 😦 law abiding but opinionated and not the brightest spark in the box but I always try.

I love to bake, cakes, bread anything so there maybe quite a few entries about food with some pictures etc.

So enough for know while I ponder my next entry and figure out how to make the most of Word press!