Nice day for it!


Today I’m asking another question for your consideration. Going out for the day on your own? Do you or don’t you?

I’ll give you some background on it. I have recently been sick and have spent 7 days at home with nothing to do but feel sorry for myself and watch the terribleness that is daytime television. My IQ has not doubt dropped as countless programmes have bored me to death. So I have gone back to work to escape the boredom, and it was a good idea. I am now presented with a mid-week rest day, his Lordship is at work and I’ve had enough of sitting around at home with nothing to do. So today I am dashing off to do some shopping for my up and coming holiday next week. I’m currently sitting on a train enjoying the 1st Class perks my staff pass affords me, (sadly not food).

However one of my colleagues said with a shock, “On your own?” when I told her of my plans. I was a little taken aback, she meant no offence by it as she went on to tell me that when she is at home with nothing to do she just stays in and gets bored. Another colleague said good for you as if I was being brave about it.

I see this as toying more than not wanting to be bored and getting out the house and abusing my staff pass. There are plenty out there that would kill for a 1st Class pass to use as I will. I’m not even going that far on the train, only about 45 mins and I need a few things for my holidays. My flexible friend is with me and I home to use it, although I’ll deny everything to his Lordship.

What else would I have done? Sat and watched TV or played endless games on the PS3. It is a problem with mid-week rest days, most of my friends are at work or the people I work with don’t have the same rest days so we can’t do things together. I’d much rather be out with a his Lordship or a mate but it isn’t possible. When I was single I used to do it all the time but I suppose being in a couple you tend to get out of the habit of it but why? This leads on to another question I suppose and maybe this is one to be further explored in another blog maybe on my way back from shopping. When you are in a couple be it casual or the full married thing, do you still have your own time out with your own friends? I know me and his Lordship do.

So back to the original question? Going out on your own for the day? Yay or nay?