Listening to your body


I know not many people are reading my blog but that’s ok! It means I’m not going to be embarrassed if I make a fool of myself, something I do quite often. However I have something I’d like to discuss.

Listening to your body. Do you listen to your body? Do our bodies know what is best for us? Do we ignore our bodies at our peril?

I am saying this because recently I have gone completely off chocolate. To anyone who really knew me they would be laughing and saying ‘yeah right!’. I’m a bit of chocoholic and I like nothing more than a large bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. Until recently this is of course. Now I go and pick up a bar I just get a feeling of nausea or the thought of my slightly fat belly pops into my head and I end up over at the fruit section of the supermarket with a good feeling running through me. I can still eat chocolate, as in a small, normal sized bar but the big ones are a no no. Another example, me and His Lordship went out for a meal the other day and to cut a long story short I didn’t have a chocolate themed dessert. I had apple pie, His Lordship was surprised and asked if I was feeling alright. This is very odd to me as I have always had chocolate desserts in the past, always!!

So is my body trying to tell me something? Is telling me, ‘Oi, pikey fat boy, have some fruit your killing us’ or am I myself trying to tell myself enough is enough. I have blogged before about being over weight and being unhappy with it. Is it I fact my subconscious and body working together for the greater good. I have had feelings for exercise and salads. I’m getting the message but am I acting on them. I want to and I think will be when I get off these night shifts.

Has anyone else had these feelings?


Night shifts are crap!

Morning all!

It’s the middle the night or the early hours depending on your perspective. For me it is hell on earth and only leads to me being a grumpy and miserable. I know that in some areas of life the has to be night shifts but here where I work it really is pointless.

I have done what little work there is and now I’m just sitting here watched DVD’s trying to stay awake doing a very good impression of a nodding dog. So is there really a need for me to be here…!

To top it all I have the company of my team leader on Saturday night. Why me? What have I done to deserve this Hell.

Anyone got any good tips for sleeping when on nights?