A New Year and New path?


Happy New Year to you all! I hope you had a great Christmas and I hope 2013 brings you all you hope for!

I failed in my last 2012 resolution. It was, to escape my current job by Christmas!, I failed. However I am renewing that wish today and I am a little bit more resolute about it that I was last year.

2012 was to my year. I’m not saying I was not happy and it was a bad year, not at all. I loved 2012 in the UK, the Diamond Jubilee and the amazing Olympics. I don’t think there is a person in the UK alive that can not say they felt a little pride in the Great Britain and Team GB. It bought people, communities and religions together for a few weeks. Priceless if you ask me.

No this was great but for me I did not progress and move on to bigger than better things, fresh challenges etc. Some my own doing some of it not. In the face of who will I be working for at the end of the year and a crappy internal job vacancy board it was a challenge but I could have pushed myself further.

I have already tried to engage myself with various things at work to try and get myself noticed by a few people and hope to carry on. This will be my year, the year I will make more of a dent on
my credit card, motivate myself to exercise more and get the illusive next job!

So here’s to 2013, a year I’m grabbing by the balls and squeezing till I get my new opportunities and a new path to walk!

I hope to be blogging more and more as this year unfolds, any suggestions, comments, critics please do let me know!