Oh my god my sides hurt!

Morning all!

I woke up this morning with a pounding headache and a sore throat with just a hint of lethargy thrown in for good measure. Dirty stop out I hear you cry…..rude!

As you know I’m spending a week in the forest with my closets friends, sadly my hubby couldn’t come with us due to his new job. Anyway we were sitting around last night play a game called Articulate, it’s a fun game where you have to describe a word or phrase without saying the word itself. It started off very well and we got through the round without hitch, my team won, in your face!

However on the second round about half way through we got a fit of the giggles, I couldn’t even tell you what stared it. My friend Winnie, (not his real name), just couldn’t keep a straight face which led me into it and I set off Dominique, (again not real name). Before long we are all having trouble breathing and keep upright. The laughter was so infectious it spread round the group like the clap in a brothel. It was brilliant, we had a blast and it is sooooo good for the soul. We had to stop looking at each other in the end and we gave up on the game.

The gift of laughter between friends is precious and I believe heals all manor of things. When you think that a childs laughter bring a smile to your face, well it does me, how happy does it make you feel. When I have been in a very low place, I never hide the fact that I have had 2 emotional breakdowns and have spent weeks in therapy which did help but what gets me through the low points….laughter.

My advice, laugh as often as you can with whoever you can! Now I’m off to take some painkillers for my sore throat and headache but I don’t regret the fun we had last night! Now start laughing!


A week in the forest!

Hi peeps,

This week I’m spending a week in a forest with my friends but sadly not my husband. He sadly got very late notice that with his new job he would be unable to come with us. I was not very happy at this news as it had been planned and paid for a year in advance!

So I’m here with the other 3 people we were coming with and we are having a good time. I don’t know if you have ever experienced a Centre Parcs break but they are fab. It’s basically lodges that’s are different sizes and qualities in a forest. Lots of nature around you, with woodland creatures all around. I will say that Centre Parcs are very responsible and do look after the forest and use it very carefully!

Now back to the Hubby thing. I didn’t want to actually come without him but I also didn’t want to let my friends down as this is kind of turning into a year fun filled week. I feel a bit bad having a good time without Hubby knowing he is at work and on his own. Feel like I’m being unfair having fun and laughing all week long when he is not here. I even cried a few times as I’m missing him like crazy. I know he wants me to enjoy myself and have fun but is it sad to miss him like crazy?

Is it odd or really good that all I can think of is that ‘Hubby would love this’. We have done some great things this week, archery, clay pigeon shooting and tomorrow we get to play with crossbows! I know what your thinking, all these things will kill people, who are these crazy peeps! Lol

I think is a great thing to miss him so much it is strange, like my left arm is missing! We actually got on to talking about marriage etc and how you know to have met the ‘one’. All I can say on the matter is what my mother said to me when I asked the question, How do I know I have met the One? She said you just know and as odd and as unbelievable as it sounds you just do. We ended up proposing to each other in a month and living together within 3 months the rest is history. All I will ever say is love is love, whatever form it takes embrace it for the right reasons. You will know when it comes along and it will take over your life in the best possible way until it is no longer there. It’s simply wonderful!

Sorry, I’m little bit off topic, just missing my man like crazy!

Back in the forest……the nature is all around us. We even had baby Dears coming up to the lodge with loads of rabbits bouncing around the place. It’s such a relaxing place to come and chill and not to far to go. But some of the people…..things you see when you don’t have a shot gun is all I’m saying!

Coming away with 2 other gays and an amazing friend has done me the world of good. I simply haven’t stopped laughing all week, just wish Hubby was here!

Enough now, I know I never stick to the topic but I just start rambling, hope you have enjoyed reading it and sorry for any iPad auto-corrects!

Hope you enjoy reading, have included a photo, not the best weather to be honest but we are having fun!