Train is taking the strain!


Good Morning!

I am currently on a train literally flying down to London and what a beautiful morning it is, I have included a photo of my office window today. I do like travelling by train, I get to blog and read the paper and if there is some work I need to do I can get it done. I suppose it helps that I have a 1st class pass. (It took 10 years of blood sweat and tears to get it thank you very much!) One of my lovely colleagues brings me a cuppa and I can sit back and relax.

This morning I have been reviewing training notes for a course that I have coming up soon and one I have to deliver tomorrow for the first time. I have just around the carriage that I am in and it is not very busy but you can see lots of different types of people.

You have a gent reading the Financial Times looking all professional, I gonna hedge my bets he is a banker. Immaculate appearance and the full english option setting himself up for a hard day of meetings and make lots of money.

Opposite him is a bloke that is also very well turned out and is sitting quietly just staring out of the window. He looks like he has the world on his shoulders. My heart goes out to him a little, what is on his plate today? What is happening in his private life.

Just behind him is a young guy siting and watching something on his iPad with his feet on the seats in front of him with a smile on his face. Not a care in the world, well so it seems.

Why am I telling you all this? I don’t know really I suppose I am conscious that we are all indiviuals, it one of things that I train. One of the things I like to mention is that you never know what is going on in peoples heads. Are they late, relationship just fell apart, someone in their world ill or dying. I know that I have been in a place where it felt that my life is falling apart but do you really show it? I suppose it all comes down to stereo typing people.

We all do it, don’t we? I do. If you asked most people what they thought of people that travelled in 1st class and they would all say, business men etc.

Just because I am gay does that me camp and girly? Just because someone lives on a council estate does that make them a chav or a failure?

Stereotypes can be very dangerous things, I like to think of everyone as an individual no matter their appearance, shape and sexuality. Difficult at time to fight ones preconceptions but is it worth while? Hell Yes!

Have an AMAZING day!



My Manchester

So this weekend me and His Lordship came to Manchester for a weekend away. I write this on the train waiting to depart for home so technically I am still there.

There are some wonderful things I love about Manchester, one minute you are wandering around some posh boutiques the next your mixing with the chav’s in Piccadilly Gardens. To be honest, being a gay man, I love both. Shop and rough, manly looking chav’s, heaven.

Did we shop? We shopped and a good selection of shops to choose from although sad to see the Corn Exchange is now a deserted shelled of it’s former uniqueness. One filled with independent retailers with a mix of high end.

The chav’s are always nice to look at, the roughness, did i mention that?

The gay scene in Manchester has always been over sold and to be honest while very good it is missing something. I don’t even know what it is it is missing. One word sprang to mind and that was clinical, too clean. There didn’t seem to be that seedy underbelly that you have in Birmingham and London. Maybe we just didn’t see it, it’s there i’m sure. Why would you want a seedy underbelly I hear you all ask. the simple answer is I don’t really know. Maybe I am just to having one in Birmingham so I expect one here.

I do love Manchester and for all it’s faults I would move here in a heart beat. The city is just a mass of old Victorian buildings that give this city a real feel of history, an industrial powerhouse history of sweatshops and cotton mills. In between it’s old historical heart is the youthful pulse with new modern buildings and areas being re-developing the city of it’s future. I love the space, the smell, the feel, the flexibility, the people. (did i mention the chav’s)

Wow, came over a bit arty farty then didn’t. I am not normally up my own arse, maybe i was trying a new writing style.

Oh well, off to catch some sleep on the train home. Nothing worse than travelling with a hangover and being extremely tired!


It’s been a while!

Hi all,

My word I haven’t posted anything since August, since me and his Lordship moved to Wolverhampton. So I suppose now I’m going to come up with some very lame reason or not posting… goes.

1. Since we moved my commute ha shrunk by nearly an hour so I don’t have the time to blog what I would like to blog.

2. I have finally got my head around my job so of course my workload has been added to and I have a lot less time to do anything fun.

3. I forgot!

So lame excuses out of the way, what have you all been up to in my absence?

As you can see from lame reason number 2 i have finally got my head around my job as a trainer. In fact I bloody well enjoying it as well. From reading my previous blogs I’m sure you read it was a struggle at first and I’m still challenged near daily! On the upside I have had some really amazing groups of people to train and it is a shear delight and with some groups I have actually shed a tear when they have left me for the real world!

My secondment has been extended not until the end of September so I have a few months more which is nice to be honest as I need to pay for my holiday in October! LOL

I have taken on lots more training such as the IT stuff we and starting to work on some stuff with mentors.

Something has ben sparked in me just this last week. I won’t go into too much detail as it wouldn’t be fair but one of my guys on my current course has some less than basic reading and writing skills. I have helped her this week and taken my time to work with her on her assessments etc. It has been so rewarding to me to see her smile at the end of the week that she actually did know what was going on and she did know they things we have covered. She left the building on Friday with a smile on her face, to me this is priceless and it indicates to me it is something I would like to pursue more t see if I have an actual talent at it.

Other things happening, not much really, work work work, stress stress stress, cry cry cry but I achieve and with the amazing support from my friends and colleagues I have accomplished things that I am immensely proud of!

I’ll be back soon with some more diatribe and opinionated stuff!