Morning all!

I have just realised as I sit here in a another train station waiting room that I am waiting for a few things to happen to me, good and bad.

Let’s deal with them one at a time. So as you know if you have been a follower of by blog I have been a trainer for the last year on a secondment and that secondment is due to end very soon, 5 or so weeks. So I will return to my old post at the Hellmouth something I am not keen on doing. There is a chance of a small but interesting extension or development opportunity in another team. This of course is totally out of my hands. Various managers have control over this decision. I hate this, I’m a control freak and do not like it one little bit. On the plus side I was approached to do this but the manager of the project because of the work I have been doing with the teams in Manchester. This is very nice. It’s always good to get some validation of what you are doing is right. However on that note I get more praise from the leaders in my Manchester region than I do with my own direct management at the Academy. Go figure that one.

I am waiting for a train, I have a been doing this most of this week as that is what I have to do. I have tried to fill this half hour gap with reading, Kindle battery wasn’t charged. Then with work, no wifi to get my laptop on and the I forgot my work phone. So I am a little behind which basically means I will have to go in early on Friday when I am finally back in the office. Waiting for trains is a bit mind numbing, OK if your an avid reader but it comes in fits a spurts with me, sometimes I want to read and then next I want to be read to, I’m a huge fan of audiobooks. You get the best of both worlds, watch the scenery go by and still get the story. See you can have your cake and eat it! So waiting for trains isn’t that bad it’s just that moment when the delay indicator starts flashing with a delay time, aaarrrgggghhhh.

My holiday, I’m waiting for this, I have been waiting for this since we booked in in December last year. Now I am only 59 sleeps I go it getting to be that whenever I look at the holiday folder, he one with all the tickets and visa’s in etc, I get a little bit excited. I so can’t wait, we are even trying to work on getting some upgrades from premium to upper class, now that will be amazeballs! We have loads booked to do in Vegas and a few things in San Francisco. I love having these holidays, we have a few cheap breaks away and then every 3 or 4 years we have a BIG blow out holiday that takes a year to save up for and where money is no object. We did New York a few years ago and that was great we did loads and money wasn’t an object and that was great, the feeling you can do what you like when you like. I worked so hard and so many hours for that holiday and for this holiday I am going to enjoy it so very much.

So this is waiting, it’s good and bad, it’s in your control and sits out of control. So it’s basically life and trust me the best things in life are worth waiting for. Some examples, my Husband I waited 31 years for him to come along and it was well worth the wait.

One of the hardest lessons I have had to learn in life is to be pateint, I am not a patient person at all, so it’s been a tough lesson and sometimes your have no control over things. Sit back and chill if you need to, you have to work at the goals but when you have put your all in and can do no more and the decision is out of your hands. Chill.