America, weddings in the unhealthiest place on earth

So how are you doing! Been a while but that is just the way I flow! 

So I am currently sitting in the SAS Business Lounge and Chicago O’Hare International Airport waiting for my flight home to the UK, Upper Class I might just add, had a bit of a treat! 

So we were at His Lordships family in Ohio for his Newphew wedding, a nice affair I might add but Americans don’t half make a meal out of a wedding. Rehearsal diners, what exactly am I rehearsing, sitting on my fat ass watching everyone else practice walking down the aisle, the wedding itself,  introducing the bridal party like the state opening of parliament, the traditional cut the cake and then smear your newly weds face in it, then the speeches then the food, we are hungry people, give us food then do your speeches. I’m not knocking it, well I am, I’m not knocking the couple I really am not but it just felt over the top. I’m used to weddings in cold, mouldy, falling down churches with a vicar that goes on forever, smells, has dandruff and lectures you rather celebrates the union of two people. Let’s move on. 

So I have been on a healthy eating regime and rather than bore you to death and me getting on a soap box I will just tell you that I have given up sugar, processed food, caffeine and alcohol. I know what you are all thinking, what a boring fucker but in my defence I have lost 25lbs, 4 inches off my waist and all my IBS symptoms have just disappeared. This to me is worth its weight in gold in itself and that’s the reason I did it the weight loss and addition healthy benefits have been very welcome bi-products. So for the last 6 months I have cut about 95% of the sugar in my diet out this includes added sugar and the sugars in my food that occur naturally. I have the occasional treat but once I broke the addiction I really didn’t want it any more. It is also very liberating, I know it sounds silly but I think clearly, my skin feels great, I sleep slightly better and generally I feel satisfied and food no longer controls me, I control it and it’s not the big thing it used to be. 

Now we are getting to the crux of the issue, having been in America for 2 weeks and doing my best to avoid the sugar in the land where sugar is every where and in everything. Seriously I am shocked at how it is marketed to everyone everywhere you go, literally. All the healthy looking options have got sugar in and more than you think, convenient foods are full of it and yet packaged as if they are doing you a favour, there are not. The only thing they are doing is killing you. 

I really do get it though, Americans work long hours and often do 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet so I get that quick and easy food is what is needed but align this to the healthcare system and you are really fucked. We knock the good old NHS in Blightly but by the Gay God herself (Patsy) I’m glad it is there. You can’t just get sick in America, you can only get sick if you have insurance and can afford the operations you may need or prescriptions, if you can’t you don’t get the operations or medication you need. If you do have insurance it still might no cover you fully for what you need. You could end up in debt, end up in debt to make yourself healthy? This can’t be right? We are talking about the United States of America, the richest country in the world, the most forward thinking, democratic country. Sorry but I am not buying it. So you have all these food and sugar companies feed you there products till they make you sick, this is probably passed on to your children as they mimic and copy those around them during formative years. Yes you can make educated decision but if the education isn’t there what can you do. The sugar and food companies can hire as many scientist as they like to dismiss the unhealthy claims and convince people that it’s all bollocks. I feel for Americans I do! 

I’m going to contradict myself again now, while I here I talked to people about the sugar thing and they all know they are eating too much and that their food is one of the worst if not the worst in the world. What do they do about it, some shrug their shoulders and say ‘I couldn’t do it!’ But you can people, I did and you can too. 

It take 2 days to form a sugar addiction, as I sit here writing this I can’t stop thinking about the chocolate chip cookies on the counter a few feet away from me right now. I have been on the sugar again for a few days on and off. Basically I’m fucked again but I know what I am doing this time around and it will be easier. 2 days to form the addiction how long to break? Some scientists say 6-12 months. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine, there have been studies with lab mice. 

America is a great place but a place that introducing us to a way of life that will kill us all, the more we try and emulate the American system of food and lifestyle the quicker we will go down the pan. At least the British government it trying or at least it sounds like it’s trying to do something about sugar and about bloody time. 

Anyway rant over, how have you all been?